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My Signature 12 Week Core Restore is a program for postpartum moms. Whether you just gave birth 2 weeks ago or 4 years ago - healing is possible! The Core Restore is a completely personalized program and coaching experience for you that will target your mom pooch with strengthening your deep core muscles and improving your pelvic floor function. No more peeing your pants, back pain or feeling like you still look pregnant. Core Restore includes daily core workouts in the MSF app, and monthly check-ins with Mickayla.

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Hormone Harmony is a monthly coaching program where we were 1:1 together to balance your hormones using natural remedies such as lifestyle and nutrition. This program is right for you if you're struggling with things like painful periods, an irregular cycle, infertility, if you want to optimize your egg quality because you're planning to conceive in the near future, imbalanced hormones after baby, autoimmune disease, anxiety and depression, gut issues, acne, chronic fatigue etc…Hormone Harmony includes weekly check-ins in the MSF app, monthly coaching calls and daily access to Mickayla via messenger.

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Premium Coaching is an all-access pass to working one-on-one together! This program is the complete package. Personalized meal plans and fitness plans designed specifically for your body and busy schedule to help you totally transform from the inside out. This program is right for you if you're needing the ultimate accountability and support. Premium Coaching includes weekly check-ins, access to the MSF app, monthly coaching calls and daily access to Mickayla via messenger.


Hi there, I'm Mickayla!


As a certified personal trainer and nutritionist that specializes in prenatal and postpartum self-care -  I live for coaching and supporting women, just like you, in believing that they are worth making their health and wholeness a priority.

I help women lose the baby weight, tone up and create healthy sustainable habits in the process.

This means realistic meals and convenient quick workouts that'll give you more energy and balance out your hormones and leave you feeling amazing.

You aren't unmotivated. You just haven't found what works for you - yet. 

You deserve taking time for yourself and finally feeling like YOU again. I'm so grateful you are here and can't wait to be a part of your journey!



Want the exact workouts I used to lose 60 lbs of baby weight and get into the best shape of my life? Grab my 5-Day Shred for FREE and begin your transformation today!



Are you ready to have more energy, comfortably fit into your favorite pair of jeans, and confidently love your body? Then this program is for you!

"I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be on this journey. I feel like myself again! I’m back in the vast majority of my pre-baby clothes and don’t spend my day sucking in my gut. This has been such a wonderful program since you make healthy eating so easy. Thank you!!"

Mindy P.
60 Day Define and Sculpt

"I want to start by saying that this program was amazing, and exactly what I needed to kick my butt in gear and give me the STRUCTURE but also flexibility to get back on my fitness/weight loss journey. I will say I do feel confident in the direction I am heading, and feel like I have the building blocks, and that this program was the springboard I needed to get going in the right direction to get there. THANK YOU for consistently being so supportive and motivating. "

Christine B.
60 Day Define and Sculpt

"I had tried other workout programs and either failed to complete them or did not notice much of a change. Most other workout programs do not focus on the importance of nutrition and that was my missing link to having success! When I came across Mickayla's program I knew thats what I had been looking for! I needed guidance and education regarding nutrition and at home workouts that i knew I'd be successful with! After 8 weeks, I am down 10 lbs and lost a total of 19 inches. This program for me wasn't about how much weight I could lose, but the total transformation I wanted to feel both inside and out! If you're ready to make a change and not sure how to start, Mickayla's Define & Sculpt program is truly the entire package to make a positive impact on maintaining a healthier lifestyle!"

Lauren K.
60 Day Define and Sculpt


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